Renovation Updates

Mon, 09/29/2014 - 1:28pm

Deep Run opened the 2015-2016 school year with some substantial changes and updates to our school building. With a new two story addition, improved classrooms for our RECC programs, and a newly constructed Administration and office area, our building remains under construction but ready to welcome over 820 students through our front doors everyday.


What's next for DRES? Currently, work is being completed on our Kdg classrooms and old front office area. The work, expected to be completed at the end of October, will allow us to move our Kdg students back into what has historically been our Kdg classrooms. In addition, our Student Services Team will move into the old administration area to provide increased collaboration and a funcitional area in which to support students.


Next up is Phase 3B which is where our current First Grade students receive instruction. First grade students, and the First Grade Team, will move into the "Swing Space" for 6-8 weeks while their classrooms are renovated and converted into individual classrooms. This model will be followed for all grade levels with the Pod System no longer being utlizied in our teams.


All of these changes will continue for each grade level between now and November 2016. A phasing plan has been created between the construction company and Administration. This plan will allow us to ensure that students are put first in this process and decisions are made in their best interests.


We hope you will be pleased with the updates and renovations that will make Deep Run Elementary state of the art in design, LEED certification, and technology upgrades. I welcome your comments and thoughts. Please feel free to email me at