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Sun, 04/19/2020 - 10:43pm

Elementary Technology Overview

Nuevo! Mira este video para ver como completar tareas en Canvas!

New! Nuevo! Lexia Core5 Support Videos! 

Watch this video to learn helpful tips for using the Lexia Core5 program. 


Un video con algunos consejos útiles para Lexia Core5, el programa de lectura!


Introduction to Lexia Core5 Video

Mira este video para comenzar con el programa, Lexia Core5 en computadora, laptop, o en iPad.

Watch this video to help your students access Lexia Core5 from a computer or an iPad.

Distance Learning Updates - Week of April 14th, 2020

Estas actualizaciones lo ayudarán a prepararse para nuestras orientaciones y aprendizaje a distancia.
These updates will help you be prepared for our upcoming family orientations and distance learning expectations.

Notificaciones en Canvas Video en Español


Google Meet - Virtual Check-in Supports

Google Meet English
Google Meet Spanish
Links to how to access Google Meet through GSuite:
LogIn Assistance
If your child can't remember their login and password, please contact your child's teacher for assistance.
Por favor chequear y preguntar al maestro de su hijo lo siguiente:  El nombre usario y contraseña de su hijo si su hijo no se lo sabe.

New Chromebook request:

If you requested a Chromebook, it is on the way.  If you received an email indicating you picked it up, this means the device is on the way.  If you find that you need a device and did not request one, please follow these steps:

Here are the new procedures to request a Chromebook:

1. Parent logs in to HCPSS Connect (

2. From the left menu, the last choice, click on “Student Technology”, then choose “Student Technology” near the top center of the screen

3. On the HCPSS Student Technology screen, use the drop-down arrows to indicate the Technology Requested for each student. Changes are saved immediately.

4. If a device has already been issued, it will appear in the inventory list.

5. The request list will be synced with the distribution team by 8:00 a.m. every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and devices will be shipped shortly thereafter. If a student already has a device issued, the request will not be processed.

Information about devices is provided on HCPSS website:

If a student has a broken device, the parent should email Mrs. Lancaster with an explanation of the problem: