Hero of the Day, Judy Dadds

Wed, 04/05/2017 - 12:25pm

By Jefferson Perez

According to Judy Dadds it is fun to be hero of the day because you get to high five kids and you get to make other kids’ day, The purpose of being hero of the days is to make kids smile. She was surprised when she entered the school and saw a bunch of kids smiling and asking for high fives.

Judy Dadds has never done anything like the Hero of the Day even though she’s been a teacher for 40 years. Mrs.Judy Dadds must like children. She knew what the Hero of the Day was because the school contacted her and told her all about it. She enjoyed being Hero of the Day and said she has never met any students like us.

When she has some free time she goes out with her friends. In conclusion Judy Dadds really liked Deep Run Elementary School, she really enjoys meeting new people. She really liked Deep Run and she was really impressed with us.