Hero of the Day: Alan Kittleman

Fri, 05/19/2017 - 3:08pm

Hero Alan Kittleman!

By: Jefferson P. & Maeve M.

Alan Kittleman has been working in Howard County for around 13 years. Turns out he has been raised in Maryland for over 58 years because he’s been here all his life. A couple of year ago when he was in elementary it turns out Elkridge wasn’t even here. There were only 50,000 people living in Howard County now there is well over 300,000. He’s basically the principal of Howard County and Mrs. Lancaster is only the principal of Deep Run and Alan Kittleman is like the boss of Mrs. Lancaster. He also works with the police department and fire fighters and recreational parks.

Alan  Kittleman

By Stephanie

In this interview I interviewed Alan Kittleman. When he is not Hero of the Day, he has the job of being in the State Senate. He said is job is a very busy place and “I am like the principal of Howard County.’’ In the interview someone asked a question of “Do you support people staying home for their rights?.’’ Alan said that he supports having people to do that for their own good.

He was campaigning for a year and a half. He was raised by a elective official so he wanted to be one two. He has children so that means he has a family. Alan went to UMBC college. ’’Howard County is the best place to live in America”. In his job there are a lot of problems they have not  solved. That is all about Alan Kittleman.