Hero of the Day: Chris Thomas

Fri, 05/19/2017 - 3:01pm

The Hero Of The Day: Chris Thomas

By Pannha

Chris Thomas been interviewed March 21st, 2017. He came to Deep Run and we interviewed him and these were his answers. We asked him what he did when he wasn’t the Hero of the Day. Chris Thomas said “I have a job. I’m a social worker and I works at a college.” He thinks the best important quality to be The Hero Of The Day is to be a great listener and not to be so shy to people and to make a great conversations with people. He really likes this school! His school and schools now are very different. He says for an example there was no coding and students who interviewed people and there are a lot of  more activities than at his school.  His favorite part of being Hero Of The Day is when he gets to meet a lot of kids. He has never done this before in his life but he is excited for this opportunity and he will come back because he loves doing this and he is glad to have  a chance to do it!