Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS)

Welcome to the Deep Run Elementary School PBIS Program

Our Positive Behavior school rules are to Respect Self, Property, Learning and Others.   The Deep Run behavior system encourages and supports students correcting their behavior and maintaining their “Blue” status.  When the four school rules are followed, students have an opportunity to be recognized for their efforts by receiving Bear Bucks, given Silver Star (outstanding academics and behavior) status for the day and participating in our monthly PBIS Celebration – Bear Club.

If a child does has difficulty following the rules of expected behavior, the following procedure is followed:

  1. Reminder to the class of classroom expectations.
  2. Individual students are given a Respect Reminder of the expected behavior and the student’s name is moved to “Green”, with a chance to correct their behavior and move back to “Blue”.
  3. Thinking Time out in the classroom to think reflect/refocus and try harder. The student’s name moves to “Yellow”.  However, the student still have the opportunity to move back to “Blue”
  4. Meet with an Administrator – Parent/guardian is contacted, Student Action Report or Office Referral is completed and sent home. The student’s name moves to Red.

*Students may earn their way back to Blue from Green or Yellow, by showing sustained corrected behavior.  However, once a student’s behavior requires a meeting with an Administrator, that student may not earn their back to “Blue”.  The student may be able to earn “Yellow” or “Green” status.