Quarter 2 Report Cards Go Home February 7th

Wed, 02/06/2019 - 8:49pm

Report cards go home on Thursday, February 7th and we are celebrating our students' report card achievements.

This quarter we will once again recognize our Rangers' report card successes in a few ways. Students in first through fifth grade can earn one of two awards. The awards and criteria are listed below and will be sent home in students' report card folders on Thursday. We delay the opportunity for students to earn academic awards until first grade to allow our youngest learners time to adjust to school routines and academic expectations.
DRES Leading the Way Award:
    •    Grades 1-2: All I's/W's for grades and 1’s/2’s for effort & learning behaviors
    •    Grades 3-5: All A's/B's for grades and 1’s/2’s for effort & learning behaviors

DRES Principal’s Award:
    •    Grades 1-2: All I’s for grades and 1’s for effort & learning behaviors
    •    Grades 3-5: All A's for grades and 1’s for effort & learning behaviors

Another way students can be celebrated at report card time or any other time is through an Administrator Shout Out. Staff members can contact our administrative team to celebrate our students' academic success, growth, effort, or their modeling of our school expectations of being kind, engaged, and responsible. This is available to all of our students from preschool through fifth grade.

Parents, please take some time to discuss your child's report card with them, celebrate their successes and growth, and set goals for the third quarter. If you have any questions about our awards or if your child earned a certificate but did not receive one, please contact Mr. Notari at dnotari@hcpss.org.