Health Room News

Tue, 10/08/2019 - 10:48am

Seasons are changing! This is the time of year for allergy symptoms, colds, and the flu. Our flu clinic will be held on Wednesday, October 30. We are no longer accepting consents so please reach out to your pediatrician and have your child vaccinated.

Please place pants, underwear, and a shirt in your students back pack. Accidents happen (whether it is spills or bathroom) and we are unable to provide clothing in the health room. A quick change ensures your child can stay in the classroom without the hassle of contacting you!

What is Telemedicine? How does it work? Come see Mrs. Breck on October 22nd at the Go for the Goal Wellness night. She will be demonstrating how it works! See first hand all the benefits of registering your child for Telemedicine and have all your questions answered.