Deep Run ES is invited to Homecoming at Long Reach High School

Wed, 10/02/2019 - 9:51pm

Long Reach High School Homecoming-Opportunity for Staff, Students and Families--October 19th at 8:30 am

Homecoming for Long Reach is October 19th. Each LRHS feeder school is invited to set up a pop up in school’s front parking lot at 8:00 am, perhaps with food or poster making supplies for families, while LRHS prep for the parade. Students and families should arrive at 8:30am. The Lightning Cheerleaders will come over and teach all the future lightning students “The Lightning Ruble” cheer.  We will have some bling and some noisemakers available.

When the parade is ready to depart at 9:00, families will go up to the curb in front of the school to watch the whole parade go by.  While the parade is going through the neighborhood, the adults will help get the students assembled about a block down Tamar drive, where the parade exits the neighborhood.  Right before the parade turns onto Tamar Drive, about two blocks from the LRHS parking lot (and the end of the parade), the parade will pause to make room for the future Lightning students to join in, and they will march behind the band with their signs and cheers to the end of the parade.  Parents and staff can take pictures or march right along if they want!

As the parade ends at 9:45am, the band will peel off and create an arc in front of the school, near the pop ups, and perform their exciting Dance Show music.  Families and staff can enjoy the music, and have photo opportunities with Zeus, our mascot, football players, and cheerleaders.

There will be a paid pancake breakfast that families are welcome to join after the parade.

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