Hero of the Day: Calvin Ball

Fri, 05/19/2017 - 3:18pm

Hero of the Day: Mr. Calvin Ball  

By Danny

Mr. Ball is part of the Maryland Council. He is in charge of the Elkridge part of Maryland. He had a council greeting once a week. But sometimes he has to meet more often on budget season. He is also an educator for some college kids in Maryland. Now you know about today’s Deep Run Hero! Let’s see what he did and liked about Deep Run.

Why Mr. Calvin loved our school. Mr. Ball loved our school because of all the wonderful students of Deep Run and the hard work they’ve done. He liked how polite everyone was and how the school looked and how it functioned.   Mr. Ball also told us that schools have been changing a lot from back when he was at elementary school student. There were no such things as “green schools”  and the teachers evolved to be more ready for their job.