Hero of the Day Judy Dadds

Fri, 05/19/2017 - 3:11pm

Hero of the Day

By Alex H  

We have had a chance to welcome Judy Dadds to Deep Run Elementary. According to Judy, the Hero of the Day is fun because she got high fives. Also because she gets to see all different grades. She was a teacher for forty years at Deep Run Elementary. She said it is a awesome thing to do. Some of the advice she gave is that you should just do it and have fun.  And she said she loved being the Hero of the Day.

Hero of the Day: Judy Dadds

By Connor Doxley

     Judy Dadds was Hero of the Day. She has been a teacher for 40 years  Do you want to know want it is like to be Hero of the Day? Judy Dadds says that being Hero of the Day is a lot of fun she enjoys meeting the new people. “lots of friend's.” If she had one word to describe it would be “fun.”  I asked her what the Hero of Day program’s purpose is and she said  “to give kids special attention  and let them know that they our special.” She had a great time. She said “sign up and go learn and go away feeling special.”