Hero of the Day: Miss White

Mon, 12/11/2017 - 10:39am

By Emma and Grace

Dec. 2017

A few weeks ago, we interviewed Miss White. We learned that when she's not a Deep Run hero, her job is a children’s librarian. She really likes her job and how she helps kids. Miss White loves children and books.

Miss White said, “You should always try new things.” We believe she was inspiring us to do our best and never give up. In our opinion, that was a very inspiring thing to say to students because some children don’t know how important it is to do more than one thing and to be active. It expands our thinking. It also makes us want to try new things and to be creative.

Some children think that things just happen and there is no practice or anything. Practice is important because if you didn’t practice soccer and you go to play a soccer game, you won’t know how to do anything but kick the ball. Another example is if you never played piano and you go up to the piano, you wouldn’t just go up to the piano and play a symphony.

Some other things she said was “ DRES is a fun environment” and  “I like the kids at DRES very much.” I would love to be a DRES hero again” but Miss White also recommends a policeman or fireman to be our next Hero of the Day. That was our hero we interviewed! We hope that you enjoyed our interview of Miss White.